TORGENE is an online media platform that covers life sciences, technology and startups from the Middle East & North Africa. TORGENE founded in July, 2020 by Ugur Yilbasi. Being a website that is followed by the greatest influencers of the science sector on a daily basis, TORGENE includes a wide range of news and analyses from new startups to investments in this field.

As a multidisciplinary platform TORGENE features  research from a variety of academic disciplines, mainly in genetics, biotech and finance. TORGENE specifically differs from other online publications related biotech with being the first to announce news and developments related to investment & startup ecosystems. brings business leaders and technology decision makers together to share their stories of transformation.

TORGENE aims to represent and connect startup community of the region. One of the targets of TORGENE is contributing to the development of a healthy biotech ecosystem through the insight local players will get by cooperating with other players in the global arena. 

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