How Can You to Manage Covid-19 from Home?

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One of the biggest challenges materializing in the world, is how to manage the corona virus from home. We have been doing very well in terms of prevention, by ensuring that there is enough information on that subject.

We all understand masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing. There is some work still needed to promote adherence to these measures, but so far, we are adapting really well. However, what happens when you test positive for Covid-19;  have you ever thought about that? Most times, you have to go home and self-isolate, but how do you even do this when you share your home with your entire family. How do they avoid being infected when they have to bring you food & clean linen every day? All these questions need answers, but perhaps an unlikely response is your smartphone. 

Manage with Your Smartphone

Smartphones make everything accessible at the touch of a button. They occupy such a huge place in our daily lives. Therefore, it is not surprising for most of us that the smartphone is the first thing we look at in the morning, and the last thing we see before going to bed. We can also use these devices, which are used in all areas of our lives, to manage the Corona.

You already use it to communicate with each other despite being miles apart. When paired with your smartwatch, your phone can unlock more opportunities including tracking your heart rate. How about using this technology to stay together despite being apart. Fancy self-isolating in one room, but being able to communicate with your family in the other part of your home. They can check up on you throughout the day while minimizing physical interaction. It ceases to be necessary for your primary caregiver to walk in regularly to see how you are faring. All this can be done remotely through the mobile phone. Perhaps this article will get you thinking more about how this technology can be adapted to make life easier during this pandemic. We would love to hear your thoughts here at TORGENE!

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