Qatari fintech Cwallet scores $220K Pre-Seed Funding

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Qatar-based fintech startup cWallet, on Sunday, announced that it has raised $220,000 pre-Seed investment from its founders and MBK Holding.

Founded in 2019 by Michael Javier along with his six Qatari partners, Cwallet empowers the unbanked society by granting them access to online payments without having to use physical credit cards. The blockchain-powered wallet was designed as a one-stop-shop where users can spend, transfer airtime top-up from their home country, and eventually receive their salary, and send money back home.

Cwallet also enables a cross-border bill payment feature. The startup is currently working with Qatar Central Bank to obtain all the necessary licenses to launch a payroll and remittance feature soon.

Javier, CEO of Cwallet, in a statement said,

“Not only does Cwallet provide digital wallet services, but now merchants, including startups and e-commerce platforms can use Cwallet as a built-in wallet for their app via API integration. We are looking to make payment gateways affordable in Qatar, paving the way for smaller businesses to process online transactions with ease and affordability,”

cWallet partners in Qatar

cWallet- Founders

Cwallet, First in Qatar

The brainchild of Mr. Javier and his six Qatari partners, the innovative cWallet app was brought to life under the guidance of the Digital Incubation Center (DIC), an initiative by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to boost ICT innovation in Qatar, particularly among young people in technology-related businesses.

As Qatar’s first and only mobile application running on blockchain technology, it has been licensed by the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) as Cwallet International.

Cwallet won the first Qatar Fintech Hub Hackathon and is currently competing as one of the 20 shortlisted startups globally for the IOE & Seedstars Migration Challenge.

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