Top Five Israeli Health Tech Startups in 2020

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Silicon Valley comes to mind when it comes to startups. However, nobody thinks of the Middle East. Whereas, Israel has a huge startup ecosystem. Being almost the only science producing country in the Middle East other than the UAE, Israel continues to do what is best for the world. As with many other industries, the healthcare sector benefits from technology. Thanks to this, the healthcare sector is growing rapidly. Israeli companies are increasing their place in the world health tech sector day by day. As TORGENE, we are interested in startups in the Middle East and we are working on them. Here we will take a closer look at five of Israeli health tech startups.

Top Five Israeli Health Tech Startups

1.Prospera Technologies

Prospera Technologies

Prospera, an agri-tech startup, is a fast-growing company, with customers in 3 continents, and blue-chip financial backing. Prospera was founded with a mission of turning agricultural produce into a predictable and optimized asset. It works by collecting and analyzing data from a customer’s farm to help them improve the optimization of their production systems for greenhouses.

Money Raised: $22 Million 

2.Zebra Medical Vision

Israeli Health Tech: Zebra Medical Vision

Israeli Health Tech: Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision is an Israeli health tech startup. Zebra’s mission is to provide radiologists the tools they need to make the next leap inpatient care. Zebra is empowering radiologists with its AI1 offering which helps health providers manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality.

The company is currently partnered with over 1,100 hospitals and other medical institutions worldwide. Also, Zebra is the first startup to receive FDA clearances for AI-based technology across three imaging modalities.

Money Raised: $50 Million


Israeli Health Tech: Aidoc

Israeli Health Tech: Aidoc

Aidoc is the leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of radiologists’ diagnostic power. The company’s solutions aid radiologists in reducing turnaround time and increasing quality and efficiency by flagging acute anomalies in real-time. 

Radiologists benefit from state-of-the-art deep learning technology that is “Always -On”, running behind the scenes and freeing them to focus on the diagnosis itself. Aidoc’s offering is one of the most comprehensive in the field, enabling diagnostic aid to a broad set of pathologies.

Money Raised: $41.5M

Israeli Health Tech:, an Israeli health tech startup, is a pioneer in turning the smartphone camera into a clinical-grade medical device. It is the category creators of smartphone urinalysis. Healthy offers the only FDA-cleared and CE-approved home urine test equivalent to lab-based devices.’s multidisciplinary team specializes in computer vision, product design, and clinical practice.

Money Raised: $90M 

5.Vayyar Imaging

Israeli Health Tech: Vayyar Israeli Health Tech: Vayyar

Vayyar develops safe, mobile, low-cost 4D imaging sensors, enabling applications in the fields of cancer detection. Founded in 2011 Vayyar started with the vision to develop a new modality for breast cancer detection, using RF to quickly and affordably look into human tissue and detect malignant growths.

As the technology matured and evolved, Vayyar expanded it to unleash new capabilities and widen its application scope to countless other markets(smart homes, robotics, and automotive).

Raised: $119.3M


Medical Technology Enterprise Exo Raises $ 40 Million

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